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The paper proposes some orientation guidelines to support nonprofit companies and organizations in building Web Reporting for social reporting, combining principles of correctness and completeness of information with communicative effectiveness.

In particular, the document, seen from the observation of the practice as well as from the studies on the subject, tends to highlight how:

  • articulate the content of web reporting through the check list;
  • ensure the readability of the content, while respecting web usability criteria;
  • develop profiling of content by stakeholder categories;
  • developing interactive interactivity tools to develop stakeholder dialogue;
  • ensure the reliability of the content and at the same time timely information.


The document also provides an insight into further reflections on:

  • the effects of web reporting on company communication and stakeholder engagement;
  • the effects of web reporting on decision making and internal activities;
  • effects of continuous technological innovations on the development of web reporting.